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Keys Video of the Week

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Corals Spawn Along the Florida Keys Reefs

Coral spawning occurs in August & September near the full moon. Millions of gametes, or reproductive cells, are released underwater in a synchronized mass explosion, enabling eggs and sperm to cover a broad geographic area to maximize fertilization. Join a night dive, see this spectacle yourself!

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Plan Your Florida Keys Vacation

Welcome to our islands! A dream vacation, yes, and getting here is most important.

Perhaps accommodations, exciting events, or a Florida Keys sunset wedding is what you desire?

Our drive-to islands are rich in arts & culture, yet if you crave the wild outdoors, our guided eco-tours, walking trails, environmental centers and a plethora of green travel initiatives will satisfy.

Dive-snorkel charters visit the United States' only living, coral barrier reef and offer Florida Keys scuba diving vacation memories that last a lifetime. Anglers revel in our heart-racing, world-class sportfishing.

Web cams, videos, downloadable brochures, interactive maps and seasonal weather information are at your fingertips.

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