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Marathon Eco-Tours and Wildlife Displays

Marathon is situated at the midpoint of the Keys island chain, surrounded by numerous large shoals and shallow-water coral humps, some within just two miles of shore. These coral patches are magnets for beautiful sea life from sea turtles to tiny tropical fish. Kayakers of various experience levels can paddle to some of these offshore areas and a few uninhabited mangrove islands on calm days, and tours around the island and through mangrove forests that dot the shallow flats are available with the help of a guide. Watch sharks, tarpon, bonefish or other flats species cruise the shallows, and egrets and herons snatch tiny fish.

paddling past henry
In May and June, thousands of huge tarpon roll and shimmer in the natural channels passing under the famous Seven-Mile-Bridge. Terns and ruddy turnstones work the shoreline looking for food while above you hovers the black shape of a frigate bird.

If you want a break from the water, consider a hike through the 64-acre Crane Point Hammock which is not far from the center of Marathon. A hammock is a raised patch land with just enough soil on it to support an amazing variety of plant life, including tropical hardwood trees, the hallmark of Crane Point. White crowned pigeons, raccoons, ibis, herons, clouds of dragonflies and butterflies are regular residents along the two miles of trails. Archeological evidence shows that Indians and prehistoric Indians called this place home.

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